1099 Outsourcing Services

Our 1099 e-filing Services

Filing information return can be tedious. We eliminate the stress of filing information returns by providing various services to suit your needs. We offer timely and reliable 1099, 1098, and W-2 filing services at an affordable price.

We offer printing, mailing, and e-filing services. Data can be imported in bulk or entered online.

We Offer

1099 Printing & Mailing Services
Our Service Bureau provides a quick and easy way to get your 1099s printed and mailed out to the recipients.

1099 E-Filing Services
As part of our 1099 outsourcing services, we offer complete 1099 e-filing services.

Post-Filing 1099 Corrections Processing
We offer post-filing corrections, so if there was an error on the original form we support the filing of corrected forms. Even if you did not e-file the original form with us, we could still file a corrected form.

Supported Form Types
We offer a majority of 1098, 1099, and W-2 forms filing and mailing.

Web-based Solution
Web-based self-service solution designed for customers with a small number of 1099 forms. At www.OnlineFileTaxes.com we offer simple and convenient service for filing your 1099 forms online.

Web Presentment
In addition to mailing recipient copies, we offer e-delivery of recipient statements. Without web presentment services, your recipients can go online at www.OnlineFileTaxes.com/recipient to retrieve their statements.

Combined Federal/State Filing Services
We offer complete 1099 e-filing for both Federal and state governments that participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) program.

Service Bureau
We offer print and mail services at our service bureau. We can print, fold, stuff, and mail any quantity of information return forms.

TIN Matching
We offer Tax ID verification service for recipients to prevent error in reporting Tax ID/Name combination. Use this service to avoid the IRS from levying penalties for reporting incorrect Tax ID.

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