Complete 1099
Outsourcing Solution

We are a leading provider of 1099 outsourcing services.
We provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective
solution to businesses of all sizes.
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Outsourcing - not the same
as Offshore Processing

We do not ship any jobs out of the country. All work is done here in the United States,
and each member of our staff is a US citizen.
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Online Form Filing for your
Annual 1099s


IRS Approved Online Filing
for 1099 & 1098

We offer all-inclusive services for printing, mailing and e-filing your annual tax forms quickly
and efficiently through our secure platform.
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Features Offered

We provide 1099, 1098 & W-2 form printing, filing, mailing of recipient statements, and e-filing with the IRS at competitive prices.

Outsourcing Solutions

Avoid the hassle with our complete outsourcing services for 1099, 1098 & W-2 forms.

Printing & Mailing

We can print, fold, stuff and mail any quantity of 1099, 1098 & W-2 forms.

IRS Approved

We are an IRS approved e-file provider who transmits timely information to the IRS.

Correction Processing

File corrected forms with the IRS and get your amended 1099, 1098 & W-2 forms.

Web-Based Solutions

Our web-based self-service solution enables you to fill and file all your forms digitally.

Web Presentment

Avoid all these costs by using our e-Delivery method for providing recipient copies.

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States Served
20 k +
Customers Served
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Customer Satisfaction
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Years in Consulting

About Outsource 1099

We can help you save time and money by filing your Information Tax Return forms for you.

Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation, founder of a startup, or owner of a small enterprise – we can take away all the hassle related to filing of the IRS forms with our affordable services. You can now file the 1099, 1098, W-2, and the 1095 forms cost-efficiently and effectively, right from the comfort of your home or office.

Say goodbye to all the worries of annual software purchases, saving and printing of forms, and folding, stuffing, then mailing them on your own. As a leading provider of 1099 filing services, we understand that time is of essence, which is why we empower you to file all kinds of forms quickly and easily through an easy process that allows you to quickly prepare your forms, deliver copies to your recipients and file with the IRS – all through our secure online platform.


Dedicated Support

Our services are backed by a dedicated customer support staff, a team that stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and a website that enables you to track the filing status of your forms, year after year.

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Intuitive Platform

Our intuitive platform enables you to seamlessly file for your taxes without worrying about purchasing any software or getting fined for filling out your forms incorrectly.

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Our Dedicated Services

We eliminate the stress of filing information returns by providing reliable 1099, 1098, and W-2 filing services at an affordable price.

1099 Printing & Mailing

Our Service Bureau provides a quick and easy way to get your 1099s printed & mailed out to the recipients.

1099 E-Filing Services

As part of our 1099 outsourcing services, we help you electronically file 1099 and 1098 forms with the IRS and W-2 forms with the SSA.

Post-Filing Corrections

We offer post-filing corrections, so whether you filed the form with us or not, we support the filing of corrected forms.

Combined Federal/State Filing

We offer complete 1099 e-filing for both Federal & State governments that participate in the Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) program.

Service Bureau

We offer print and mail services at our service bureau. We can print, fold, stuff, and mail any quantity of information return forms.

TIN Matching

We offer Tax ID verification service for recipients to prevent error in reporting Tax ID/Name combination and avoid penalties from the IRS.