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E-Delivery of 1098, 1099, and W-2 forms

Electronic Delivery (or E-Delivery) of recipient statements, instead of mailing paper copies, is rapidly becoming very popular with 1098, 1099, and W-2 filers. Copy B has to be furnished to each recipient by the end of January every year. Usually, companies print and mail copies to their recipients. Mailing out paper copies is a very time-consuming process, as they have to print, stuff, seal, apply postage, and mail copies. You can avoid all these costs by using our e-Delivery method for providing recipient copies.

You have to provide your recipient emails, and we take care of the rest. We offer for your recipients a secure website that they can use to access and print their forms. If your recipients do not accept e-delivery, then we mail out paper copies.

How it works

You need to provide us the email addresses of your recipients while submitting your forms. When you submit your forms, we inform your recipients automatically that they can access their forms online. Your recipients can log in to our website, www.OnlineFileTaxes.com, using their email and the last four digits of their tax id. They have the option of using e-delivery.

If your recipients accept e-delivery, they can access, print, or save their forms immediately. However, if for some reason, they do not accept e-delivery, or if they do not even open their email, we wait for three days and then print and mail their statements. If the deadline is approaching and we do not have three days to hold on, then we mail out paper copies immediately. Our e-delivery is 100 percent compatible with all tax purposes and allows your recipients to print as many copies as they need.

Benefits of E-Delivery of 1099 forms

• E-delivery is compatible with the IRS guidelines.
• It eliminates the need for you to worry about which of your recipients opted for e-delivery and which did not. We manage this for you on our end.
• Your recipients can print their statements as soon as you submit your forms on plain paper.
• You can eliminate the risk associated with postal delivery by allowing members to accept their statements online.
• Your recipient information stays encrypted and secure.
• Your recipients can get a jump start in preparing their taxes without having to wait for the mail to arrive.